Sunday, March 26, 2017

New Soundtrack music for Empty Entertainment

I was recently asked to join Michael Tait in a collaboration of short animations.
It started in 2016,... please check out the collection on his Vimeo site.

Here is one of Michael's press releases;

We here at Empty Entertainment are pleased to bring you a double bill.  We delayed release of our feature Inside when our compatriots at Fool Forever Funnies suggested that we should have a cartoon before the main event, that we had been letting our viewers down by not providing a full cinematic experience. We were taken aback, was this true or just an a means to promote content provided by Fool Forever Funnies. What about the cost, this would double our typical running time.   Well Empty Entertainment have never let cost be a consideration in bringing you quality entertainment and when Fool Forever informed us that they had procured the services of Empty Entertainment's favorite King of composers Mr. Porter Woodrow it was cost be damned full sprockets ahead.

Up Coming

Over the next few weeks look for a new Fool Forever Funny : In the Land of Nether and principle shooting has begun on a devilish new film from Empty Entertainment but more about that in our next press release.

We thank you for indulging us the added viewing time time and hope you enjoy the films.

M. Tait
Chief liaison and Good Time Charlie
Empty Entertainment
"Time's a-wastin"

Please enjoy the collection.
I have certainly enjoyed creating the music to accompany Michael's animated adventures.


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