Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hey,... it's JUNE 2016 !!

Ba-Ha',... June and the end of an era

   Just checking in with a 'transitional' comment regarding my point of departure from a 24 year career in teaching to my new career in the retirement sector.

   Here are some pictorial testaments of a few shenanigans and delirious carrying- on's from the Art department at Northview and beyond.

   We've had some great guffaw's and gut wrenching groans of laughter over the years and I feel very proud of having delivered a sustainable visual arts curriculum with my treasured colleagues, we've had a wonderful exchange.

At this year's Art's Night - Gallery Showing
Compassionate cutter of trees
Passionate cutter of trees
Jeff 'the Gladiator' Shortt 


Year book photo of Art dept. 2016

Margaret with buddy Suzy Lake at the AGO back in 2014

just a 'normal' 3D Anaglyph 'Curriculum Day' in the Arts office

My 'Sis' and fellow Art teacher Wanda with one of her paintings at the Propeller Gallery
Mary Mack yakking it up with friends at the Propeller Gallery May 19th

Joe Muscat and buddy at Propeller opening

My favorite Art patron and gallerygoer Alex Smith

 A typical gaggle of kids in tow down at the AGO

... and this is where you will find me when not in the 'Hill',...  I'll be in St. John's and environs.

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