Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Had a terrific time in St. John's and the surrounding environs end of July and early August.

   After exploring and updating the St. John's experience I had the opportunity to tour Sunnyside Trinity Bay, Trepassey, Tor's Cove, Bay Bulls and the Regatta (North America's oldest sporting event, this was the 194th year) on Quidi Vidi Pond. The highlight of the trip was seeing my favorite folks my Aunt 'K', the Luthers and the Kennedys.
   Another highlight was enjoying 3 nights of the George Street Festival which included Headliners such as Jacob Dylan & the Wall Flowers, Dr. Hook, Alan Doyle and umpteem local Irish bands that played in various pubs and bars along George Street,... in one word... WOW!

   Thanks to my awesome cousins who remain the most solid people on earth!

 Jacob Dylan • Live on George Street 

Dr Hook • Live on George Street

O'Reilly's Pub George Street

 Live music Quidi Vidi Pond / the Regatta

Excellent Street Banjo!!

[meanwhile 'Froggie' experiences mild earthquake in southern Ontario] 

Bay Bulls • Murres, Puffins & Whales 

Hump Back whale - Bay Bulls / O'Brien's boat tours

Fascinating tectonic shifts / Bay Bulls

  a shot of 'The Rooms' across the bay from Signal Hill 

 a shot of St. John's harbour from Signal Hill  

St. John's harbour from Signal Hill

View of St John's harbour from 'The Rooms
  View of St John's harbour from 'The Rooms
Seal Skin Boots - 'The Rooms Archives
Giant Squid / 'The Rooms' 

 Kayakers ready for sea going day excursion
 Tor's Cove

The Regatta / Quidi Vidi Pond NFLD


 Rocks of 'Centre Hill' Sunnyside

New Oil Rig construction Trinity Bay
The Bull Arm Site is the primary
construction site for the Hebron GBS.

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